Social Policy

Dorman’s employees have long been known as Contributors. Our Culture of Contribution means both constantly contributing our best efforts and ideas to the success of the company, as well as contributing to our communities. Social responsibility is an integral part of who we are, both to each other and the areas where we operate. We have policies in place to help enforce these behaviors, as well as programs to encourage, incentivize and support our Contributors and our neighbors.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We embrace the diversity of our Contributors, including their unique backgrounds, experiences, thoughts and talents. Contributors are valued and appreciated for their distinct contributions to the growth and sustainability of our business. We strive to cultivate a culture and vision that supports and enhances our ability to recruit, develop and retain diverse talent at every level.

Dorman Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Dorman Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

We hold all our Contributors to a high ethical standard in the way they conduct business every day. This commitment includes personal and professional interactions, public communications on behalf of the company, compliance with laws, rules and regulations, and accountability for adherence to the Dorman Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct image

Supplier Code of Conduct

We believe in promoting responsible and sustainable practices across our organization, including those companies with which we do business. We maintain programs designed to identify, evaluate and address potential human rights and environmental issues with our international suppliers. Policies defining our human rights, environmental and business ethics standards for our vendors are clearly outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Human Rights

We are committed to policies and practices that support internationally recognized human rights standards.
This commitment extends across all our sites globally and we strive to work with suppliers, contractors, business partners and other third parties who share our values. Our commitment to supporting internationally recognized human rights standards is outlined in our Human Rights Policy.

Contributor Resource Groups

Dorman is an increasingly diverse, global company. To help foster more perspectives on how we can continue to grow, succeed and engage our Contributors, we are continuously expanding Contributor Resource Groups to inspire a sense of community, collaboration and greater communication.

Dorman Women's Network Logo

The Dorman Women’s Network was formed to provide a safe space for Contributors of all backgrounds to come together and share ideas in an inclusive environment. Its purpose is also to help drive professional growth and a measurable increase in diversity at all levels of the organization to evolve our Culture of Contribution. In 2020, this group raised money to support Women Against Abuse, a nonprofit based in Philadelphia that serves people experiencing intimate partner violence.

Dorman Veteran’s Network Logo

The Dorman Veterans Network is a community supporting the transition, hiring, retention and professional development of veterans at all levels. It is dedicated to fostering and advancing the inclusion of veterans in the workplace and within our communities. This group also support Operation Gratitude, a group that helps forge strong bonds between the military members and first responders through service projects and acts of gratitude.

Contributing to our Local Communities

In 2014, our Warsaw, Kentucky, facility formed Stand With Us, a group that helps people through drug addiction treatment. Dorman Contributors volunteer their time to support individuals recovering from drug addiction in a number of ways, such as driving others to treatment, helping them get the education they need, finding them housing and facilitating employment opportunities, including at Dorman.

Recognitions for Stand With Us have included:

  • Spirit of Public Health Award for innovative work in the rehabilitation of drug addiction in the region.
  • Gerald Williams Accessibility Award for work with Kentucky rehabilitation association, bringing individuals back into the labor force who have struggled with addiction and other various medical conditions.
  • Invited by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce to sit on a discussion panel offering solutions to the Opioid Epidemic in the workplace.
  • Invited to teach a workshop at the Kentucky Governor’s Annual Health and Safety Conference on addressing the Opioid Epidemic in the workplace.

And that isn’t even the entirety of Warsaw’s contributions to the local community. Contributors there also participate in workforce preparation and mentorship programs with the local school district.

“Too many of children in the school system live at or below the poverty line,” said Jamie Johnson, Vice President of Operations. “We see it as our corporate responsibility to help and contribute every way we can.”

Because of their operational excellence and philanthropic efforts, Warsaw is also constantly in consideration for awards recognizing the best manufacturers in Kentucky. The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce awarded it in 2017 as Manufacturer of the Year and in 2019 with its Business Impact Award, a recognition for companies that make a positive impact on their local communities.